Who Are The Highest Paid NASCAR Drivers in 2014?

Who are the highest paid NASCAR drivers in 2014? Do you agree with the list? Did your favorite driver make the cut? For NASCAR, 2014 has been the most interesting year yet! But do you think the best driver in NASCAR is getting paid the most or do you think this list needs to change? You decide…


NASCAR driver salaries have been shaved in recent years with fewer dollars available as sponsors cut back on their financial commitments to teams. Drivers that once made $4-6 million in salary are getting re-signed to deals for $3 million in some cases. Guys on poorly funded teams are lucky to make seven figures. Licensing and endorsement money has also dried up for all but the very elite drivers. Endorsement deals that once paid $500,000 a clip are now $250,000 and many have disappeared completely.

But for the sport’s stars, the paychecks are nearly as big as ever and can reach eight figures in salary alone. The 10 highest-paid drivers pulled down $170 million in 2013 in cumulative salary, endorsements and their share of winnings and licensing income. It is on par with what the top 10 made five years ago. There is a scramble among the teams to sign high profile drivers that consistently end up in the winner’s circle and make the Chase year after year, garnering valuable TV time for sponsors. These drivers can still attract big sponsorship dollars and will command top salaries. The big drop off in income comes after the first dozen or so drivers. Here is the List of Drivers click next page to see…

Source Article: Forbes.com

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#1 Dale Earnhardt Jr.

Earnings: $25.6 million
Salary/winnings: $14.6 million
Licensing/endorsements: $11 million

Earnhardt had his best season since 2005 with a fifth place finish in the year-end standings. Last year, he became the 34th driver to make 500 career Sprint Cup starts. His licensing income is down, but remains the envy of every other driver. Earnhardt was voted NASCAR’s most popular driver by fans an 11th straight year in 2013. See next page for #2…

Source Article: Forbes.com

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